Our Approach

We take an industry best-practice approach to design, implementation and the management of a network’s lifecycle.
Vendor methodologies such as Cisco’s PPDIOO (Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, and Optimise), as well as industry standard methodologies and approaches such as PRINCE2, ITIL and TOGAF are beneficial to our clients, because they are proven techniques for providing consistent results and easily integrate into our customers’ existing processes.

Besides these formal methodologies for achieving specific outcomes, we also apply a more intangible approach which we employ with all of the activities we perform. These methodologies are outlined below:

Creating an atmosphere of collaboration
We recognise when we need additional support, and are able to engage the extended Ambika-Bleue team to assist when required. We also encourage our staff to be as much a part of our customer’s teams as possible. A sense of partnership is essential in helping achieve mutual goals.
Our staff are accountable and take ownership of their deliverables across all of our projects. Our team follows each deliverable, from conception to execution, and although they work with the customer, they always maintain accountability for ensuring they are met.
We work to our customer’s schedule and operational hours, whether that means working outside of regular business hours, weekends, or rotating 24/7 shifts. When things change, as they often do during the course of projects or regular day-to-day work, we adapt to those changes to ensure the work gets done and milestones are achieved.
Turn-Key Delivery
We have the capability and experience to deliver complete turn-key solutions. In this approach, we are responsible for delivering the complete end-to-end solution, from the initial design, all the way to implementation.
Ambika-Bleue can conform to any IT Service Management (ITSM) strategy or framework, whether it is an industry services framework, such as ITIL, or a completely in-house process. We believe that better results are achieved by adapting our approach than forcing clients to change for us.
Flexibility & Control
We create best practice control structures for projects, and have the flexibility to be agile within those plans. Ambika-Bleue is realistic in achieving these plans, and we consider interrelationships between all dependencies at every stage of the project.
Software Specialities
We don’t use one single software language, package or approach. We are aware that every software requirement is different, and we adapt to each scenario as needed. We evaluate the best approach for the particular task and if we don't already have the in-house software skills we will either up-skill our own staff or find the people with the right skills and experience.

Successful projects launched locally and overseas.